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Zheng Qinwen vs. Shelby Rogers | 2023 Adelaide 2 Round 1 | WTA Match Highlights

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  • Opublikowany 8 sty 2023
  • SportSport

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  • Kin Ming Wong
    Kin Ming Wong 28 dni temu +37

    Biggest concern for Zheng’s game: it appears(from watching highlights of her recent matches) that she doesn’t hold serve easily. She’s got good strokes, great mentality and fight but if she is to further progress in her development, she’s got to work on holding serve with more ease. Too much energy and effort expended on own service games, eventually will wear one down as a tournament progresses.

    • Notorious Mch
      Notorious Mch 28 dni temu

      Shut your mouth idiot

    • Acecraft307
      Acecraft307 28 dni temu +1

      here serving mechanics is odd, also I think she needs to focus on the serving angel, not speed

    • c ch
      c ch 28 dni temu +8

      That’s mainly because her first serve in percentage is low. He first serve win percentage is actually very high.

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian 28 dni temu +12

    I love Zhen'g's game, very physical, muscular game. Was really impressed with how Rogers was moving as she is not known for being a good mover but she obviously has been working on it during the off season. Interested to see how her season unfolds and I think Zheng is set for some quarterfinal and maybe semi final grand slams this year.

  • Maggiecc621
    Maggiecc621 28 dni temu +21

    Good match! Fingercrossed Zheng will be injury free for AO!!

  • Hằng Lý Thu
    Hằng Lý Thu 28 dni temu +8

    It's crazy how Zheng is the 30th-ranked player but had to play through qualifying rounds. 1st round she double-bageled no.955 in less than an hour. Then 2nd round she ran into Potapova, a young girl that could sometimes play quite well, and the two played a 3-setter that each set lasted more than 1 hour. In most other 250 tournaments I'm sure 30th-rank is enough to be a seed.

    • Madik Ishardov
      Madik Ishardov 22 dni temu

      When someone ranked this high is playing qualifiers, it means she made her decision to play that tournament too late and had to go through qualies.

    • Gautham Dinesan
      Gautham Dinesan 28 dni temu +2

      This is a 500

  • Paula Richards
    Paula Richards 28 dni temu +4

    Keep your eyes on Zheng...much room for improvement but lots of potential.

  • Jack Lo
    Jack Lo 28 dni temu +5

    Shelby needs to work on her endurance, or without it, she needs to finish up quickly in 2 sets.

  • Martin Brady
    Martin Brady 28 dni temu +4

    Uh, Shelby dropped 12 of the last 16 games, including a 3d set bagel. Came out strong, then fizzled. Qinwen another of those incredible youngsters now on tour.

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 26 dni temu +1

    This match was all over the place. Good win by Zheng.

  • Leon J. Chen
    Leon J. Chen 28 dni temu +12

    Can't wait for Zheng to play at AO!!!!

  • Maciej Gudel
    Maciej Gudel 28 dni temu +3

    What a super metch for Zheng 💥👌

  • N Frida
    N Frida 28 dni temu +11

    Wow Zheng will be a super star ⭐️ ❤🎉

  • JZ VR
    JZ VR 27 dni temu

    Impressive stuff, Zheng Qinwen is going to be one of the top names.

  • Ben TheKeeshond
    Ben TheKeeshond 28 dni temu +5

    I think Zheng is the best from China for now.

  • Lets Build That App
    Lets Build That App 28 dni temu +2


  • NLTennis24
    NLTennis24 28 dni temu +7

    gee she's made of steel. 3hr40 win in qualies yesterday and comes out today and pounds her in the third

    • JZ VR
      JZ VR 27 dni temu

      Delivers a bagel in the third with an injury too, such impressive stuff, Zheng is going to be one of the top names.

  • Michael P
    Michael P 28 dni temu +3

    What a match !

  • Benny8940
    Benny8940 28 dni temu +6

    A Shelby Rogers highlight reel, but she lost. Great lob-sided highlights!

  • Johan E. Turbí B.
    Johan E. Turbí B. 28 dni temu +2

    Ms. Rogers' body language at the end showed anger at losing against the young Chinese 😅

  • Verum Quaesitor
    Verum Quaesitor 26 dni temu

    Love Zheng !

  • jungwonnie_xoxo
    jungwonnie_xoxo 28 dni temu +4

    Zheng qinwen my idolll

  • Raymond Hall
    Raymond Hall 27 dni temu

    Zheng is very strong mentally.

  • Rohan Sahu
    Rohan Sahu 28 dni temu +3

    A real dark horse at the australian open.....🐴🐎🐴🐎

  • Wow Ginger Mobile
    Wow Ginger Mobile 28 dni temu +2

    Zheng is cute and powerful, wohoo!

  • 毛贼儿东
    毛贼儿东 28 dni temu +3


  • redplague
    redplague 27 dni temu +1

    I guess my comments on previous videos about the lack of round numbers on the title was noticed.

  • Mr X
    Mr X 28 dni temu +1

    This should not have been a R1 match

  • malcolmbunny
    malcolmbunny 27 dni temu

    I can't watch this with a commentator who can't speak properly.

  • Sune Cubing
    Sune Cubing 4 dni temu

    Zheng is hot

  • youssef
    youssef 28 dni temu

    interesting camera quality lol

  • Thendy ku
    Thendy ku 28 dni temu +1

    She is lucky

    • JZ VR
      JZ VR 27 dni temu +1

      @Thendy ku She destroyed Rogers 6-0 in the third set after playing a 3 and a half hour three setter not long ago, with a leg injury too, that's not luck that's skill.

    • Thomas MN
      Thomas MN 28 dni temu +5

      @Thendy ku She does not hit the ball like most players though, she hits with lots of topspin on both wings especially forehand. Most players hit much flatter forehand and backhand. That heavy spin gives her more margin of errors and on clay and high bouncing slow hard court will be difficult to counter for most players except the most experienced ones

    • Thendy ku
      Thendy ku 28 dni temu

      @Gabriel Ho the way she plays like other common tennis player...hit the ball as strong as possible..nothing special...lack of creativity...will be easier for other player to beat her..I saw how she play vs V Azarenka last week

    • Gabriel Ho
      Gabriel Ho 28 dni temu +4

      Lucky? How?

  • P L
    P L 28 dni temu +1

    China va NATO battle

    • JZ VR
      JZ VR 27 dni temu

      China will always win against terrorist nato.

  • Fun Thor
    Fun Thor 27 dni temu

    I really don`t like Zheng`s forehand, all topspins without any penatrating effects ... She needs to work on her forehand before it is too late!