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Daria Kasatkina vs. Petra Kvitova | 2023 Adelaide International 2 | WTA Match Highlights

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  • Opublikowany 10 sty 2023
  • SportSport

Komentarze • 119

  • Minks Koroma
    Minks Koroma 26 dni temu +24

    This reel definitely favors Petra. Even though Daria won, it almost made it look like Petra was going to win. While I'm a huge fan of hers it would have been nice to see some of the shots that Daria made.

    • Deyann Crété
      Deyann Crété 26 dni temu +4

      @TrashMemer that’s pretty normal because Daria’s game is based on her ability to never put the ball in a comfortable zone for her opponent, hence causing many UE

    • TrashMemer
      TrashMemer 26 dni temu +4

      99% of her points were from kvitova´s UE

  • Sean Hillery
    Sean Hillery 26 dni temu +38

    Great Kvitova highlight video, you’d never suspect she actually got swept.

    • Sean Hillery
      Sean Hillery 25 dni temu +1

      @Superior 120V I mean, I like seeing outright winners like the next person, but seriously for someone who basically dominated the match they showed just a couple of her points- needs to be closer to 50/50

    • Vikrant
      Vikrant 26 dni temu +2

      @Superior 120V how boring is your comment. You actually need Tennis IQ to understand variation of spins, depth, angles. You only understand mindless bashing of the ball

    • Superior 120V
      Superior 120V 26 dni temu +5

      Well how boring would Kasatkina highlight be she just loops ball over, she probably had like 1 winner whole match just won off Kvitova errors, would fall asleep watching her highlight reel.

  • SDS
    SDS 26 dni temu +9

    Power hitters always struggle against retrievers like Daria. Its understandable that Petra could lose this match as Petra, as much as i love her, is one of the most inconsistent players ever to play the game. Even in a match where she is up 6-0, 5-0 (40-0) she could still go off the boil as lose a match. Had she been able find consistency in her game she would have had much more that 2 GS titles

  • Justin
    Justin 26 dni temu +35

    Daria definitely won off Petra's errors from Highlights, Daria was just too consistent for Petra today.

    • MrGenexxx
      MrGenexxx 26 dni temu +3

      @hashworld You know well that wasn't the reason for these lopsided highlights.

    • hussTennis
      hussTennis 26 dni temu +3

      @hashworld sure and I like Kvitova too but a highlight have to be a bunch of winners only or it has to give an overview of the match itself?

    • hashworld
      hashworld 26 dni temu +2

      @hussTennis Kvitova is the offensive player, so highlights will feature her shots. Dasha may have hardly hit a winner

    • hussTennis
      hussTennis 26 dni temu +3

      hard to see in the highlight 😳 as we have 12 points for Kvitova out of 15

  • --
    -- 26 dni temu +16

    Sadly, Petra is in the top five of the biggest up and down players on the WTA Tour of all time 😢
    The only way how she could’ve lost to her opponent was by hitting soooo many UE 🙈

    • Rafa Requeni
      Rafa Requeni 26 dni temu +10

      Every player (but Swiatek) makes at least 3 times as many errors as usually when they play against Kasatkina. Daria's game is based on placing tricky balls for their opponents to handle and proffiting from their errors. I'd like Dasha to be bolder sometimes, because she played much more aggresively in her early years, but it's a solid strategy. Nadal has won 22 majors with it.

    • Q-POY
      Q-POY 26 dni temu +1

      Kasatkina bermain aman hanya mengembalikan dan menempatkan posisi bola yg baik. Dia tidak punya pukulan yang mematikan seperti kvitova dan pemain yang lain

  • yuan hu
    yuan hu 26 dni temu +23

    Come on, I thought Kasatkina got double bageled after watching the highlights, but she won! So biased...

    • Vikrant
      Vikrant 25 dni temu

      @Akhil Sawant there were many well-constructed winners which they didn't show, like a great pass at 3-4 15-0. They just seem to be obsessed with Petra's basic 1-2 punches. Also, highlights should also contain well-constructed points which might end on Forced Errors

    • Akhil Sawant
      Akhil Sawant 25 dni temu

      @Vikrant they did show 2 winners of her. I don't think it's video editor's fault if dasha hit less number of winners

    • Vikrant
      Vikrant 26 dni temu

      @Toni Ukasi yes what about her winners in the 2nd set?

    • Toni Ukasi
      Toni Ukasi 26 dni temu +1

      Well kataskina only hit 0 winners in in the first set

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 26 dni temu +2

    Vamos Daría sigue así hasta el final ha demostrado mucha confianza y con mucha personalidad

  • Ivan Merkulov
    Ivan Merkulov 25 dni temu +2

    Даша вернулась, это уже совершенно ясно, также ясно и то, что быть в десятке ей совершенно недостаточно. Поразительно, в какой жуткой манере она душит соперниц. Петра, похоже, даже не поняла, как это произошло. Видимо, многие на очереди, они тоже не поймут. ●●●●● Dasha is back, it's already quite clear, and it's also clear that being in the top ten isn't enough for her. It's an amazing creepy way she smothers her opponents. Petra doesn't even seem to have realized how it happened. Apparently, many on the line, they won't understand either.

  • LobsterFromMars
    LobsterFromMars 26 dni temu +3

    Дада, Касаткина способна выиграть у кого угодно. Но только не на турнире большого шлема. Она "чемпионка маленьких турниров".

    • LobsterFromMars
      LobsterFromMars 25 dni temu

      @AM 1/2 это не победа.

    • AM
      AM 26 dni temu

      1/4 и 1/2 больших шлемов не считаются? Особенно с ее подачей - это очень достойно.

  • Weather Ball
    Weather Ball 26 dni temu +23

    Kasatkina basically hit 0 winners in the 1st set but still won 6-3 😅

    • SDS
      SDS 26 dni temu

      @youssef hahahah. Yes thats true. First time i ever saw that happen. I think even Errani must have hit one winner to have won one of her 2 titles. Lol

    • Gregory Oleynik
      Gregory Oleynik 26 dni temu +1

      It was simply impossible to hit winners. Kvitova played one-shot tennis and always made errors in defense.

    • youssef
      youssef 26 dni temu +1

      @andrei t Prague Open, Bouzkova vs Potapova

    • andrei t
      andrei t 26 dni temu

      ​@youssef Where, when?

    • Boris Bormaglioson
      Boris Bormaglioson 26 dni temu +1

      Compare the number of unforced errors of Kasatkina vs. Kvitova.

  • Александр Ким

    Дарья молодец!!! Проявила спортивный характер, стойкость и хладнокровие

  • Jorge Emilio Romeo
    Jorge Emilio Romeo 26 dni temu +1

    felicitaciones Daria...genia...feliz por ti...!!

  • D. SQ
    D. SQ 26 dni temu +1

    Well, Kvitova wins absolutely beautiful points. At least, we can say that.

  • SDS
    SDS 26 dni temu +3

    Judging by the result and the highlights Petra must have played 10 bad shots for every great shot she played. Coz these highlights are all Petra.

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 26 dni temu +3

    @__ . Totally agree. She had Daria on the run the whole match, but unforced errors as well as the great play of Daria was Petra’s downfall.

  • Kate De Bellis
    Kate De Bellis 25 dni temu +1

    What a lopsided highlight video, favouring the player who ultimately lost. Would have loved to see some of Kasatkina’s points, even if they did come from quick rallies or aces.

    • Lamphone Phonevilay
      Lamphone Phonevilay 25 dni temu

      It just means that that match was all about Petra's unforced errors.

  • theboujeelife
    theboujeelife 26 dni temu

    Petra’s serve is too predictable. Always slicing out wide to draw the opponent out of the court, but Daria started predicting that 😅

  • S E
    S E 26 dni temu +15

    What a bad highlight. they mostly showed points won by Kvitova or where she made errors but Kasatkina is the winner.
    Sometimes you wonder if those who make these highlights have any interest in tennis or in promoting WTA.

    • Muzzy Big
      Muzzy Big 26 dni temu +2

      f politics in sports

    • Makarel
      Makarel 26 dni temu +4

      Kasatkina is Russians and they are on discrimination

    • Honza Čertek
      Honza Čertek 26 dni temu

      @Nishant Thaccker exactly, Kasatkina was almost doing nothing just putting balls in and sometimes its just enough

    • Nishant Thaccker
      Nishant Thaccker 26 dni temu +1

      I am assuming the editor was hard pressed to find anything of Kasatkina as she a had no winners in the 1st set and all her points were won of Kvitova unforced errors etc.. lol

  • Rohan Sahu
    Rohan Sahu 26 dni temu +6

    She has beaten 2 czechs consecutively..... Krejcikova and kvitova

  • Tomas Toth
    Tomas Toth 26 dni temu +12

    nice handshake at the end compared to the WTA classis "just die" one.

  • Ольга Бозо
    Ольга Бозо 24 dni temu

    Даша, молодец!!!

  • Vala Fitzpatrick
    Vala Fitzpatrick 26 dni temu +2

    Good job Daria.

  • Ostrozka9
    Ostrozka9 26 dni temu

    Congrats to Kvitova, she von the highlights and to Dasha because she von the match.Wta has already made such a gift for Kvitova once, when she lost to Iga. It's not fair to the winner and the viwers.

  • Riaz Hassan
    Riaz Hassan 26 dni temu

    Power players are great when things are going well. However, they can be whittled down by consistent players if their judgment is slightly off

  • Ilyas Akhmetov
    Ilyas Akhmetov 26 dni temu

    One winner for Kasatkina at all highlights, how can I believe that Kvitova lose 😄

  • Alex Brands
    Alex Brands 26 dni temu +4

    Петька как обычно в своей манере;!!- выиграть красивый мяч и тут же слить 3-4 следующих!!🤣🌺🤣

  • Vikrant
    Vikrant 26 dni temu +1

    I don't understand the obsession with clear winners, they will put 100 1-2 punches of a player who is getting dominated over good point construction which ends with a forced error. Such biased editing.
    Also, even if they want to put winners, Dasha had some good ones in set2, including a great pass at 3-4 15-0

  • Nelson Luis Freire
    Nelson Luis Freire 26 dni temu

    Kasaktinawon the game winning just one point.... this video editors are a joke. We want to see a match summary with winners and errors I'd those reflect what the majority of the match was. Incredible

  • Семейная психология и психотерапия!

    The match was won by Kasatkina, and only Kvitova's blows are shown ... And how is this to be understood?
    Матч выиграла Касаткина, а показывают удары только Квитовой... И как это понимать?

  • hussTennis
    hussTennis 26 dni temu +1

    the highlight is 12 points for Kvitova & 3 for Kasatkina... 😳 Highlight could be more the spirit of the match instead of the winners only, no ?

  • Emm E
    Emm E 25 dni temu

    Watching the highlights you'd think Petra won not Daria... Yes, WTA I am judging you.

  • Ian Hope
    Ian Hope 26 dni temu +1

    Usual Petra. At her best of the best but always has off days.

  • Павел Радостин

    Дашуля - ты супер!

  • goutham kumar
    goutham kumar 26 dni temu +5

    It's not just about this video ,but WTA highlights are too worst these days. Even a high quality match was trimmed to just 4 and half minutes. That too in which a recap can be observed for a worst point.
    Please change the style of making WTA highlights

  • Bairam Azizov
    Bairam Azizov 26 dni temu +2

    Wtf? Are you serious? WTA SMM manager hates Kasatkina

  • Карпов
    Карпов 25 dni temu +1

    Вообще то Касаткина выиграла, а показывают игру этой старперши

  • Daniel Gonçalves
    Daniel Gonçalves 26 dni temu

    so many winners for Petra… too bad they didn’t help her 🤣🤣🤣

  • gonzalo valdez
    gonzalo valdez 26 dni temu +3

    Good Kasaktina

  • Михаил Демин
    Михаил Демин 26 dni temu +1

    Petra 🌷

  • ryukensfj
    ryukensfj 26 dni temu +9

    Worst highlights I've seen! Where's IBM Watson when we need them? Whoever did these highlights clearly favors Petra Kvitova.

    • andrei t
      andrei t 26 dni temu

      The beauty of tennis lies primarily in the winners, not in the mistakes. But Kasatkina is unlikely to be very upset.

    • hussTennis
      hussTennis 26 dni temu +1

      ​@andrei t highlight doesn't necessarily have to be a succession of winners...

    • Muzzy Big
      Muzzy Big 26 dni temu +3

      f politics in sports

    • andrei t
      andrei t 26 dni temu +2

      Have you looked at the statistics? At the end of the match, the winners' ratio was 30 to 6 in favor of Kvitova. For the first set, Kasatkina had no winners at all (!). This is her usual game against powerful aggressive opponents.

  • j
    j 25 dni temu +1

    Yes Kasatkina 🌈

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 23 dni temu +1

    Not Petra's day. Kasatkina is no easy win though.

  • Nelson Luis Freire
    Nelson Luis Freire 26 dni temu

    Kasaktina won the first set w/o winning a point...

  • Андрей Сыхов

    У Петры - отличные кроссы?!.

  • Farhat K
    Farhat K 26 dni temu +4

    The Russian hate is just rediculous.

    ASAL_SHOW_ 26 dni temu +3


  • Muzzy Big
    Muzzy Big 26 dni temu +4


  • Daniil Kravchenko
    Daniil Kravchenko 26 dni temu

    only kvitova’s winners + several errors. as if kasatkina didn’t play at all however won the match somehow. ridiculously unprofessional from this highlights maker

  • Alex Ioannidi
    Alex Ioannidi 26 dni temu

    I don't get it... Kasatkina has no 1st serve, no winners, and looks like NO game plan, but still won the match😲

  • Денис Кондратьев

    Stop showing replays! Common now!

  • Manuel Pablo Arnao
    Manuel Pablo Arnao 26 dni temu

    Petra should not be losing to a pusher like Daria

  • Валдис Валдис

    А за какую страну играет Касаткина, напротив её фамилии флаг не стоял,или её страны уже не существует.

  • MrTszyu
    MrTszyu 26 dni temu +5

    Тупицы кто делал нарезку, победа Касаткиной, зато все выигрышные очки в нарезке от Квитовой.

    • Skylar Gray
      Skylar Gray 16 dni temu

      да, жаль не дали посмотреть на очки Дарьи

    • Валдис Валдис
      Валдис Валдис 25 dni temu

      Квитова молодец,просто возраст даёт своё.

    • andrei t
      andrei t 26 dni temu +2

      Поэтому подавляющее преимущество...

    • andrei t
      andrei t 26 dni temu +1

      Ну хватит, ещё одни, не вникшие в ход дела, но уже на русском языке. Политика, дискриминация - может быть, но не в данном случае. Редакторы обращают внимание, в первую очередь, на чистые выигрыши, когда игрок сам забивает, а не получает очко из-за ошибки соперника. У Касатки чистых выигрышей не больше десяти. А в первом сете их у неё вообще не было, как бы это забавно ни звучало! 😂 Она выиграла его на одних ошибках соперника, вынужденных и невынужденных! А у Квитовой виннеров больше 30. Подавляющее "преимущество" в обзоре за чешкой.

    • Валдис Валдис
      Валдис Валдис 26 dni temu +1

      @Muzzy Big 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      А может кремлёвские свино-собаки в этом виноваты 🤡🤡🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺

  • trancedrum555
    trancedrum555 25 dni temu

    wta politic is pathetic.....Kasatkina won? YES ! She's from Russia ? YES ,,,,so get over it and show some real highlight ! Love Petra GO Dasha 💥✌💜

  • hassy
    hassy 26 dni temu

    Guys, wta people, a double fault is NOT a highlight

  • ioakul
    ioakul 26 dni temu +4

    Are WTA video editors biased too much? The video highlights did not align with the final score at all))

    • hussTennis
      hussTennis 26 dni temu +1

      clearly too focus on winners instead of the spirit of the match. It is more work to try to give an idea of the match in highlight...

  • Misbachul Munir
    Misbachul Munir 26 dni temu +1

    I don't believed 😫

  • Jose Fuenmayor
    Jose Fuenmayor 26 dni temu +1

    Kasatkina pushing for her life and hitting no winners as usual zZz, next please.

    • hussTennis
      hussTennis 26 dni temu +2

      I see your point but what do you want her to do, play more aggressive and lose 100 ranks. This her style and the tennis is nice in its diversity too and styles oppositions. Are you from Venezuela ? How it is to play in your country ? Lot of tournaments ?

  • Manuel Pablo Arnao
    Manuel Pablo Arnao 26 dni temu

    Ugh. Petra

  • Tennis Tennis
    Tennis Tennis 26 dni temu

    What a pusher…

  • AM
    AM 26 dni temu

    That what Kvitova did today is called tanking. She just wants to rest for the couple of days before the AUS Open

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  • King
    King 26 dni temu +7

    Slava Russia

  • Juan Carlos Lopez Mendoza

    No se vale jugar contra ✂️✂️✂️

  • Azenith 95
    Azenith 95 26 dni temu

    Kvitova needs to retire and have a kid instead

  • Jose Luis Martinez
    Jose Luis Martinez 26 dni temu +1

    What a shame for Kvitova to lose to a pusher and the worst serve in the top 10.