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Belinda Bencic vs. Daria Kasatkina | 2023 Adelaide International 2 | WTA Match Highlights

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  • Opublikowany 12 sty 2023
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Komentarze • 139

  • Wenotdabank _
    Wenotdabank _ 24 dni temu +87

    Olympic champion Belinda bencic adds another title to her great career 🎉 so much talent she is one of my favorite players to watch ever

  • Einars Dubrovskis
    Einars Dubrovskis 24 dni temu +44

    Congratulations Bencic. What a win for her. A tittle plus return to top 10. Belinda Bencic was awesome in this tournament. I hope that she will do good in Australian Open too.

  • Poeda
    Poeda 24 dni temu +53

    Belinda so good! Also great to see a match without grunting, yelling, fist pumping and other drama, just good old tennis. Great from both!

  • my nguyen
    my nguyen 24 dni temu +24

    So nice to see Bencic win titles again. Calm and collected during the whole match. Not the ideal matchup for Kasakina since Bencic can adjust to her off pace game and do everything just a better. 🎉

  • dahsaw
    dahsaw 24 dni temu +10

    Wonderful and well deserved victory for Belinda. She's struggled over the past few seasons. It's good to see her playing intelligent, brilliant tennis. Well done! Congratulations, Belinda!

  • --
    -- 24 dni temu +23

    This is the lesson „how to destroy a Pusher“. Congratulations Belinda, hope you will be able to clinch a big title one day 🙏😇🍀

    • Dusan Stanisic
      Dusan Stanisic 23 dni temu +2

      She's won three masters titles, the olympic gold in singles and the fed cup. Have you started watching tennis yesterday?

  • Totten Hum
    Totten Hum 24 dni temu +16

    Bencic nailed it! I guess it's because of her new coach. I remember this kind of play style when Tursenov was with peak Kontaveit and peak Sabalenka.

  • bigrobsydney
    bigrobsydney 24 dni temu +9

    BB is on a roll. I wonder how much is due to her new coach? She was already playing extremely well before, but she seems to have taken a step forwards?

  • Shane
    Shane 24 dni temu +16

    BB knows how to smile when she wins! 😊👏👏👏👏

  • Maciej Gudel
    Maciej Gudel 24 dni temu +5

    Belinda Bencic turned out to be much better than Daria Kasatkina in the final of the WTA tournament in Adelaide. It was the last test before the Australian Open which starts on Monday in Melbourne.

  • Ari Kurniadi
    Ari Kurniadi 24 dni temu +4

    I hope Bencic will have injury-free this year, She needs to keep this level the whole year.

  • Pan CM
    Pan CM 24 dni temu +6

    Kasatkina's got to put more pace in all of her shots otherwise many of her opponents would have more than enough time in most of the shots to figure out and play their own game without being forced.

    • EmilieSagae
      EmilieSagae 23 dni temu +1

      I think she has worked out what works against lower ranked players. The problem is she is too comfortable playing this way and it won't work against someone in form with top 20 kind of quality. She should take more risks with her forehand seeing as it is her only weapon.

  • Neivaldo Duarte
    Neivaldo Duarte 24 dni temu +3

    Wow!!! Kasatkina só conseguiu 2 games... sem antecipar nada, parece que está pintando a campeã, hein!? Bencic está vindo como uma "locomotiva" descarrilada... passando por cima de todas!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏... Errata: pintou a campeã!!! Congratulations, Belinda Bencic!!!

    • Zweig Ackroyd
      Zweig Ackroyd 21 dzień temu

      @Арсений Хлынов And you think it is impressive to respond with a comment that doesn't make any sense? How fragile are you?

    • Арсений Хлынов
      Арсений Хлынов 24 dni temu

      Вот, любите вы в е знать наперёд. А зачем? Хотите кого- то обмануть?

  • Emma Smales
    Emma Smales 22 dni temu

    Congrats! I love watching Belinda play. Will be supporting her through the AO.

  • Erian Maxčič
    Erian Maxčič 24 dni temu +16

    Bencic deserves a slam. If players like Rybakina or Kenin could win a slam, Bencic can too.

    • Andrés Álvarez
      Andrés Álvarez 24 dni temu +7

      It doesn't work like that, she definitely can win a slam but it's not about deserving it, some players just can't perform under pressure, Rybakina did it soo good at Wimbledon, she was able to play very good despite all the pressure she had. Sakkari, Sabalenka, Bencic struggle in big occasions (slams).

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 24 dni temu +3

    Ha ganado Belinda ha llegado a la final porque ha demostrado mucha confianza y con mucha personalidad y caracter.

  • Romain Nosbaum
    Romain Nosbaum 24 dni temu +10

    Bencic can beat every player if she plays on her highest level. Bravo ❤

    • Zweig Ackroyd
      Zweig Ackroyd 21 dzień temu +1

      @NT40 Hilarious that you'd say cry baby to someone else given the silly over-emotional post you made. And before you try to be clever and cutting, I like both Bencic and Swiatek. I'm amused that you don't get tennis (hint: your nonsensical comment on racket changes is the give-away)

    • NT40
      NT40 24 dni temu

      @Michał Majewski Cry BABY IGA WILL get a surprise that someone is going to challenge her. Iga will change her racket many times in that match up. I can see that one going Bencic's way b/c she seems unflappable and is mentally stronger than IGa.

    • fish and  chips
      fish and chips 24 dni temu

      ​@Michał Majewski Iga can be beaten.

    • Michał Majewski
      Michał Majewski 24 dni temu +2

      not if Iga play on her highest level

  • Itsme Forsure
    Itsme Forsure 23 dni temu +1

    BB is looking good. Daria makes you hit 2 or 3 more shots and tries to frustrate you, but BB is playing well. I love the hug at the end, its an excellent example to the upcoming athletes.

  • 501 Man
    501 Man 23 dni temu +2

    Belinda Benic is on a roll. The toughest match was with Caroline Garcia and then followed with this win against a tough Kasatkina. Lets see how she does in the Big One coming up.

  • Gareb Feumba
    Gareb Feumba 23 dni temu

    What a pain to match!!! Kasatkina’s lack of weapons made it unenjoyable for me. Good job Bencic.

  • Денис Кондратьев

    Стерла в порошок просто. Браво!

  • Thomas Francis
    Thomas Francis 23 dni temu +2

    Belinda has mellowed out over the years and has become a much more likable player.

  • Raymond Hall
    Raymond Hall 24 dni temu

    Daria was somewhere else. But full credit to Belinda who played brilliantly.

    • NT40
      NT40 24 dni temu

      She was shell shocked. It happens when playing someone who is calm , poised, confident, skilled, and hitting great serves.

  • Константин Бибуков

    Печально! Вообще без шансов.

  • MikaElla
    MikaElla 24 dni temu

    Даша ... удачи в следующей игре!

  • 婷李
    婷李 24 dni temu +3

    She’s on fire👍❤

  • Markus E
    Markus E 24 dni temu +2

    Poor, Daria.
    But congrats to Belinda.

  • JSB
    JSB 24 dni temu

    Good match by Bencic, but the real tournament starts with Australian Open , of which Ksatkina is fully aware.

  • Fanat
    Fanat 24 dni temu

    Браво 👌👍💪

  • appartement2046
    appartement2046 24 dni temu +5

    Kasatkina better get some rest before Australian Open, she looked exhausted throughout the match

    • NT40
      NT40 24 dni temu +1

      It was hot 96degrees

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown 23 dni temu +1

    Daria has way too much top spin and loop to all her shots; she’s got to flatten out some of those shots and create winners otherwise she’ll always come against people like Bencic who’ll blow her off the court.

  • volodumur vasuluk
    volodumur vasuluk 24 dni temu

    Belinda,bravo!Ти супер.
    Чудова і впевнена гра .
    Бажаю успіхів і перемоги.

  • sperrotta91
    sperrotta91 23 dni temu

    Always liked Bencic but feel sorry for Kasatkina... so much talent. Can't be losing points like 2:28 though.

  • Asterix VS Obelix - LRPerf


  • : Antypas
    : Antypas 24 dni temu +2

    Whoever said women were unpredictable was not a chauvinist, just someone who's watched a lot of women's tennis.

  • Bruno Höfn
    Bruno Höfn 24 dni temu

    Congrats Belinda 😍

  • Hockey Tennis
    Hockey Tennis 24 dni temu

    ожидаемый результат...

  • Joseph
    Joseph 24 dni temu

    Bencic is way too good not to be in the top 10 even top 5

  • Randy Munroe
    Randy Munroe 23 dni temu

    Double B looking really strong to push Swiatek for AO title.

  • боевая панда
    боевая панда 24 dni temu +3

    Белинда возьмет шлем. Турсунчик шарит.

  • Alan Costa
    Alan Costa 24 dni temu +1

    If u don't WATCH the match: 1st service Bencic (66%) Kasatkina (75%) so "Dasha did well!" Just not. I mean should've been 6-0/6-0 Kasatkina service is slower and weaker than the service of that girl U16 qualified to AO, Brenda... (I forgot the surname) 10 years younger and right against one of the best returns in WTA Bencic. This final should've been Badosa vs. Bencic the best players on this tour but how Badosa would play 3 weeks in a row without injury? It was matter of time.

    • Ethan Khoo
      Ethan Khoo 24 dni temu

      @Demigod1 01 lol no you're wrong. Badosa was actually injured. She just withdrew from AO earlier

    • Demigod1 01
      Demigod1 01 24 dni temu +3

      Badosa, like Kudermetova, withdrew to rest up/prepare for AO.

  • GNF艾倫
    GNF艾倫 24 dni temu


  • miguel angel sanchez fernandez

    Gran nivel de bencic

  • Simple Cheese Addict
    Simple Cheese Addict 24 dni temu

    Bencic in great form and great shape. She Bae

  • MegaMoflis
    MegaMoflis 24 dni temu +3

    they got to the finals via walkovers so a bit weird anyhow congratulations to the winner!

    • Patricia Bazzi
      Patricia Bazzi 24 dni temu +2

      @Ben Leung agree on first part but the tournamenys definetly do mean something. The year kvitova won sydney, she made the final. When riske made the QF at wimbeldon, she won hertogenbosch. Barty won adelaide before winning the australian open and also won the melbourne summer series before making the QF of aus open. Theres a lot more examples but just shows that playing in these tournaments gets you conditioned, most importantly in melbourne with the heat its crucial that players especially europeans and americans as they were coming from winter countries compared to 40 dregree celsius hard court

    • Ben Leung
      Ben Leung 24 dni temu +2

      There are always massive amount of walkover/retirements in tournaments that are just the week before a grand slam. The results of those tournaments don't really mean much when players are conserving their energy. But then losing 0 and 2 probably won't give you whole lot of confidence coming to a grand slam.

  • Pfyl Jan
    Pfyl Jan 24 dni temu


  • Aaron
    Aaron 24 dni temu


  • Precession Of The Equinoxes

    Bencic is definitely an inform player. Same with Collins.

    • OhAggie
      OhAggie 24 dni temu

      @TelephoneToughGuy Remember, Collins also has Endometrosis

    • TelephoneToughGuy
      TelephoneToughGuy 24 dni temu +1

      Collins basically let Kuder come back & beat her in the quarters, her form isn't that solid

  • HideMyTracks Use4Net
    HideMyTracks Use4Net 23 dni temu

    Sometimes can't really understand the mindset of the players. They fight whole week only to come up with this type of lopsided performance in the most important match !

  • AlexCooper
    AlexCooper 24 dni temu

    Не получилось показать свою игру Дарье!

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 23 dni temu +1

    Bencic run continues.

  • Tabscoob Real Estate
    Tabscoob Real Estate 22 dni temu


  • Robinson Salcedo
    Robinson Salcedo 24 dni temu

    Victoria de belinda

  • Ken More
    Ken More 23 dni temu

    Very classy at the net.

  • trancedrum555
    trancedrum555 23 dni temu

    I always like Dasha but she give back to many easy ball ........go to the line and make move your opponent left and right if not you never gonna win with the top player .......... and also enjoy the game like 3 or 4 hears ago ....drop shot etc I remember she was a lot more fun to watch ........maybe change the coach ? Bencic Badosa Sabalenka Carolina Petra Maria Jabour and Iga are at another level atm 💥✌❤

  • David Fallaw
    David Fallaw 24 dni temu

    These are the type of matches that are hurting the WTA. Boring pushers who do so well in lower tournaments but perform abysmally in grand slams. Too bad Kudermetova retired in the semi-final, we might’ve had an interesting final 🥱

    • OhAggie
      OhAggie 22 dni temu

      @Raymond Hall Exactly. These WTA haters are so boring and sad. They should all relax a little...LOL. It's just tennis.

    • Raymond Hall
      Raymond Hall 23 dni temu +1

      @OhAggie I agree. If people don't like women's tennis why do they watch? Basically Nadal is nothing more than a pusher anyway.

    • Rafa Requeni
      Rafa Requeni 24 dni temu

      @David Fallaw Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray have made it ok in the grand slams... but not better than Sharapova, Azarenka or Halep, and like them, they're all past their prime.

    • David Fallaw
      David Fallaw 24 dni temu

      @Rafa RequeniStan Wawrinka

    • OhAggie
      OhAggie 24 dni temu +1

      Same thing with the ATP besides Djokovic, Carlos A., and a few others. These women have been solid all of 2022 (Gauff, Jabeur, Garcia, Swaitek, Sabalenka, etc). Take your negativity somewhere else or stop watching the WTA 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🎾🎾

  • Kenara Arief fadillah
    Kenara Arief fadillah 24 dni temu

    Daria reminds me a bit of patty schnyder 🥰

  • Thomas Bodlos
    Thomas Bodlos 23 dni temu

    Jawohl Bencic 😊👍

  • Terry Bu 부성현
    Terry Bu 부성현 23 dni temu

    Bencic ftw!!

  • Norman Peters
    Norman Peters 24 dni temu

    Bencic destroying Kasatkina.

  • Vignesh S K
    Vignesh S K 24 dni temu

    Want to play tricky with bencic...the frst return should play crosscourt....or otherwise she will do it..

  • J nid
    J nid 24 dni temu

    what a lopsided final.

  • Ezra Klein
    Ezra Klein 23 dni temu

    Australia courts are fast and will favor hard flat hitters

  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina 24 dni temu

    Bencic is probably going to fade away for some months then randomly win another title. Sums up her career really

    • NT40
      NT40 24 dni temu +1

      I think you are wrong,! she injured her ankle. I think she is going in a whole new direction. Her movement is awesome compared to others. The way she beat Mugu was good too. I think Mugu will fade away and Bencic at 25 has a lot more learning and improving in her future,

  • Alexandre Hennemann
    Alexandre Hennemann 24 dni temu

    Bencic looks a lot Bia Haddad.

  • Anton Paljanouv
    Anton Paljanouv 24 dni temu

    Турсунов четкий тренер

  • Suhbat Usmanov
    Suhbat Usmanov 24 dni temu +1

    Какая позорная проигрыш, кошмар в этом Касаткина вернулась в свою прежнюю игу как сппаринг партнёр Бенчичу для подготовку к следующим играм те доведение своихударов.с.задней линии до совершенства

    • Константин Бибуков
      Константин Бибуков 24 dni temu

      Просто уничтожила. Была лучше в каждом розыгрыше. А Касаткина ничего не смогла придумать.

  • MecoyMD
    MecoyMD 24 dni temu

    Adelaide 2 isn’t it?

    • Aneel Malik
      Aneel Malik 24 dni temu +4

      Yes, Sabalenka won the 1st one

  • GNF艾倫
    GNF艾倫 24 dni temu

    Kasatkina lost the game!

  • j
    j 24 dni temu +1

    It's annoying to see Kasatkina just lob the ball over and basically give her opponents the easiest shots to win. It's almost like she's counting on unforced errors rather than trying to produce winners.

    • j
      j 24 dni temu

      @Yash Bisht yes, I was rooting for her actually 🌈 I'm aware she's a top 10 player for a reason but recently in my personal opinion I just feel she is playing a very safe game and not as aggressive as she once was. Hope she can come back even stronger at the next tournament ❤️🤗

    • Yash Bisht
      Yash Bisht 24 dni temu +1

      I guess people don't understand her game...u know, she has a win against almost all top players, Swiatek, Jabeur, Sabalenka, Gauff Sakkari, etc...and Bencic, ! And that doesn't happen with players who just wait for UE from opponents! She has a potent forehand, trick shots and beautiful shape on her shots...of course, today was not her day and she lacked focus and energy!

  • Saif Sattani
    Saif Sattani 24 dni temu +1


  • hackmode 1
    hackmode 1 24 dni temu

    مستوى مهزوز وهزيل من لاعبه كاستكينا اصلا لايستاهل ان يلعب هذا النهائي

  • Marco B.
    Marco B. 23 dni temu

    I don't know, maybe, I supose... that another Swiss is giving some advice.

  • Leslie Rosado
    Leslie Rosado 24 dni temu

    Then she will lose in the 1st round Australian Open 2023

  • Where's Baby
    Where's Baby 24 dni temu

    So her new coach Dmitry tursunov is doing something for her game obviously like he did for it and NETCOM yacht Annette conviette obviously aggressive obviously it's about being more aggressive

  • Demigod1 01
    Demigod1 01 24 dni temu +3

    What a drubbing.

  • Alexis Blair
    Alexis Blair 23 dni temu

    2:40 are you serious?!?!?!!!!!

  • janjr165
    janjr165 24 dni temu +2

    Daria literally has ZERO weapons. She’s just running around out there hitting balls with no plan. 😄 Well done, Belinda! 😃

    • R A Z
      R A Z 24 dni temu

      Yeah of course... Watch the match against Garcia in the masters, let see if she has no weapon... Sorry not sorry to say that the way she runs is a big weapon, and it's not the only thing she has in her tennis... Bencic played really well, and sometimes you can't play as good as you usually do... Show some respect !

    • Арсений Хлынов
      Арсений Хлынов 24 dni temu

      Как вы бы себя повели .. в ссоре с любимой, без секса

  • Kirra
    Kirra 19 dni temu

    Every player should have right to play under her/his country's flag. One cannot choose the country of one's birth.
    ATP/Tennis Australia, stop this nonsense and do not mix sport with politics.
    Wars are run by politicians not sportsmen/sportswomen.
    Why during the invasion of Iraq, 20 year bombing of Afghanistan not to mention the genocidal Vietnam war US, Australian, UK... athletes were allowed to compete under their national flag? For example; are Israeli (Para-)olympians responsible for the policy of their government towards Palestinians?
    All wars are equal, but some wars are more equal than others.

  • Dusan Stanisic
    Dusan Stanisic 23 dni temu

    I mean a lot of people here don't seem to watch any tennis lol. First of all, anyone with a brain could have predicted that whoever won the bencic-garcia derby (and it was the match of the tournament) would win the title. That was obvious. Secondly, bencic isn't someone new on the tour. She's won three masters titles, her first at 18 when she beat prime serena and halep, she's won an olympic gold, she has the game for a slam one day, just needs to get her head together. Lastly, kasatkina was struggling a lot this week, but no one said anything when she beat kvitova because kvitova was just an error-fest. If badosa was healthy she would have beaten kasatkina quite easily. However, for everyone shitting on dasha, she really isn't a bad player. Look at some of her matches last year, she has a really interesting game, one of the best slices on the tour, incredible movement too. She's really smart. But if the forehand isn't working, then her terrible second serve (up there with ostapenko really) really leaves her exposed against these smart big-hitters (not someone like kvitova who can blow you and herself of the court). Kasatkina had a bad week, yet still made it to the final. That should at least be somewhat respected and applauded.

  • Ag Shj
    Ag Shj 24 dni temu

    Касаткина позорище

  • Makarel
    Makarel 24 dni temu +2

    Why so easy?? Kasatkina wanna leave ASAP?
    Usually Tursunov turns every girls into big hitters but Bencic is different case. Her ball is loopy sometimes

    • Demigod1 01
      Demigod1 01 24 dni temu +3

      Bencic is already a hard hitter, but she was finding good angles even from middle of the court. She looked in really good form here.

    • tenshinowingusu
      tenshinowingusu 24 dni temu +1

      Something about Bencic's pullback on her forehand looks a little different, but it is loopy as well. Not sure what the intended goal is.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 24 dni temu

      Dasha plays way too passive and not to mention her second serve has always been easily punished. I think her second serve is a great kick serve but given Belinda is super aggresive and loves to take the ball early, she had Dasha in a corner. Also, Dashas forehand is a weaker version of Iga's topspin and is the same trajectory even time she hits.

  • shaikajaz ali
    shaikajaz ali 16 dni temu

    nice smile 😊😊🥇🥇🥇🥇

  • Yosepu Pithani
    Yosepu Pithani 20 dni temu

    Daria kasatkina the most overrated 😴 player of tennis

  • pure B
    pure B 24 dni temu

    If she doesn't go far in Melbourne it will be a massive disappointment.

  • Mark Fl
    Mark Fl 24 dni temu

    Kasatkina deserved that bagel to her boring game!

  • Mika Moldovan
    Mika Moldovan 23 dni temu


  • Anto Galbraith
    Anto Galbraith 23 dni temu

    2023 womens tennis is really sad

  • Muzz Za
    Muzz Za 24 dni temu +1

    Why is there constantly 6-0 sets in the women’s game at this level. It’s pathetic. Why are women so on serve? The unforced errors and bad decisions seem to be worse on serve

    • Muzz Za
      Muzz Za 18 dni temu

      @OhAggie as many as the wta? There’s nowhere near as many. There’s nowhere near as many 6-1 & 6-2 sets in the men’s as the women’s also. Djorkovic beating people 200 ranking places below him doesn’t count.

    • OhAggie
      OhAggie 24 dni temu +1

      Hmmmm, it isn’t. Many ATP matches are also 6-0 😅😂

  • Daniel小贝
    Daniel小贝 23 dni temu

    No offence, but daria’s game is just so dull..

  • rawkenass
    rawkenass 23 dni temu

    Another boring str8 set female finals

  • Pablo Vivas
    Pablo Vivas 24 dni temu

    Benwitch exposing Scamsatkina’s lack of talent ok

  • olf
    olf 24 dni temu

    kasatkina ITF level

  • Neel Gouveia
    Neel Gouveia 24 dni temu +2

    Fake injuries from Badosa and Kudermotova really sucks! People paid $$ and lost $$

    • OhAggie
      OhAggie 24 dni temu +1

      BADOSA just pulled out of the Australian Open. It’s not a fake injury.

    • NT40
      NT40 24 dni temu

      Yes , I agree not the first time with Badosa bowing out of an event. However, I think this might be a legitimate injury because she is out of the AO. Kudermotova I dont know but Karma will get her for doing this to the fans and event organizers.