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Caroline Garcia vs. Katerina Siniakova | 2023 Adelaide International 2 | WTA Match Highlights

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  • Opublikowany 10 sty 2023
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Komentarze • 88

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 27 dni temu +49

    Really pulling for Caroline to have a great 2023. Nice hard fought win today!

  • Note to Self
    Note to Self 27 dni temu +82

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she won the Australian open or any grandslam this year? I feel like she’s so close.

    • Shane Wall
      Shane Wall 26 dni temu

      @Alex W. Oh grow up, or at least tell us you’re 12 and that’ll give you a free pass. Just enjoy the bloody tennis without you’re constant frigging complaining! It’s toxic fans like you who make it worse for everybody else. And yes, I’m an Iga fan and hope she wins the Oz Open! Seriously, so damn childish.

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer 26 dni temu

      @Alex W.
      Garcia was the ace leader last year, she has one of the best serves in the WTA.
      Garcia had eating problems and confidence problems that stopped her from building upon her 2017 season but she is going to be a factor in the WTA for a few years now because of her success in 2022.

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer 26 dni temu

      If she can win Adelaide she has a good shot at winning the Australian Open.

    • Heidi Wai-Yee Chan
      Heidi Wai-Yee Chan 26 dni temu +1

      @Alex W. "Her serve is too weak." Yeah, she only served 14 aces in the match. So weak. 🙄

    • Alex W.
      Alex W. 26 dni temu

      @Plane Stuff and what did these players win last year? Apart from Rybakina who by accident won wimbledon wheras she should not have been even allowed to participate as a russiab? All of them won nothing, beause Iga took it all from them WITH AN ABSOLUTE EASE 😃

  • Williams Samuel
    Williams Samuel 27 dni temu +17

    One thing I love about Katerinais that she is not one of those players that you will defeat easily. She is a fighter.

  • orbitalwarrior
    orbitalwarrior 27 dni temu +12

    So much more positive play and spirit from Garcia, and good that she can start the year with good wins. These were the matches she continuously lost the past few seasons. It's not about playing perfect, but about having that confidence to know you can pull out a tough match.

  • lowkey.
    lowkey. 26 dni temu +6

    katherina always bringst the heat against the top players most times she comes short by very little .. but as a player i enjoy watching her her game is electric she comes up with unreal shots sometimes and very complete maybe some improovement on serve is needed but great player to watch more interesting than some in the top 10 for me 👏👏

  • Beryl
    Beryl 26 dni temu +3

    Love both of these women - very strong, competitive ladies - wish them both the best!!!!

  • David SluggySports Hayden
    David SluggySports Hayden 27 dni temu +11

    I hope Garcia win a grand slam this year….she won me over during her run last year 🔥🔥

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 27 dni temu +7

    Good challenge from Katerina. I knew she was capable of pushing it to three. Great focus from Caroline as well.

  • Paul Perry
    Paul Perry 27 dni temu +7

    Excellent wi for Caro!! I think this might be Katka’s year in singles, she is very talented, but Garcia able to hold her form. Great match

    • SirEgar
      SirEgar 26 dni temu +1

      She's world No.1 in doubles for a long time already. I really hope she would get great results in singles this year. With that level of play, she could win WTA 250 title event anytime.

    • Odai
      Odai 26 dni temu

      i wonder where katherina was all these years i didnt hear much of her

  • McKel
    McKel 26 dni temu +6

    Garcia hands down is one of my favorite players on the tour 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • MrCreative242
    MrCreative242 27 dni temu +16

    Come on Garcia!!! Time to win a slam

  • meursault42
    meursault42 26 dni temu +1

    CG is always exciting to watch. Always redlining it. Live by the sword, die by the sword, as they say. Hope she has a great AO this year.

  • Certified Cruella
    Certified Cruella 27 dni temu +5

    Siniakova will be a contender for Australian Open. I can see her upsetting top players

  • Royce Skepagny
    Royce Skepagny 26 dni temu +1

    Good win for Garcia but watch out for Siniaková. Her success in doubles has really helped her in singles, as well.

  • Felix B
    Felix B 27 dni temu +39

    Kateřina played so well

    • pop pop
      pop pop 22 dni temu

      @Cosmin Ciornei And Bastas Swiden 2017

    • Cosmin Ciornei
      Cosmin Ciornei 26 dni temu +1

      @pop pop also won Shenzen long time ago i think

    • pop pop
      pop pop 26 dni temu

      @SirEgar WTA 250 Potoroz, Slovenia 2022

    • SirEgar
      SirEgar 26 dni temu +2

      With that level of play, i think she could win at least WTA 250 title anyday. I hope she'll get her first singles title this year.

    • Odai
      Odai 26 dni temu +1

      yes she did
      her backhand is brutal

  • Heidi Wai-Yee Chan
    Heidi Wai-Yee Chan 26 dni temu

    This is a pretty big win for Garcia, playing the #1 doubles player in the world, in the first round of her first tournament of the year, as the highest seed.
    The more she wins under this kind of pressure, the better she'll be equipped for Slam glory.

  • mama bah tv
    mama bah tv 27 dni temu +2

    siniako is always a tough opponent..well done, caroline.. good luck

  • Markus E
    Markus E 26 dni temu +1

    I wish Sweet Caroline had won this in two, or in three with her two sets easy wins.
    Either way, congrats, Caroline!
    Sorry to Katerina, but maybe you'll do better at the AO, even if in doubles.

  • Xaveren
    Xaveren 27 dni temu +4

    C'est solide tout ça, Bravo Caroline ! 😄

  • Dan Terapis
    Dan Terapis 27 dni temu +6

    I really happy if Caroline Garcia can win any of Grand Slam this year 2023 😍

    • Plane Stuff
      Plane Stuff 26 dni temu

      @Dan Terapis Yep,I actually thought she would win the USO with the way she had been dismantling the opponents till the semis,then all of a sudden she lost in straight sets,she needs to stay composed when things are not going her way, that'll be a big test for her

    • Dan Terapis
      Dan Terapis 26 dni temu +1

      @Plane Stuff Yeah, like last year she won 3 title from 3 different surfaces and WTA final in Texas 😍

    • Plane Stuff
      Plane Stuff 27 dni temu +2

      She'll, either AO or USO, she's not bad on Clay too

  • Jan Kocián
    Jan Kocián 27 dni temu +6

    3:32 Best shot!

  • hussTennis
    hussTennis 27 dni temu +1

    it continues to send cannonballs in 2023 / ça envoie toujours en 2023 et ce retour à 5/6 au 3e... 💪

  • Ange Dominique
    Ange Dominique 27 dni temu +5

    Belle victoire, match serré...par contre cette manière de dire «come on» est énervante... pas fair play pour l'adversaire... et faudrait changer cette célébration... elle a fait son temps...

  • Darecky
    Darecky 27 dni temu

    Uuulala, to będzie dobry sezon

  • Martin Espinoza
    Martin Espinoza 26 dni temu +1

    Looks like Garcia is still at it with that crowd-the-service line on the second serve return. And it so often does not work because she does not follow-through by going to the net. Instead she stays back and leaves a wide open court for her opponent.

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 26 dni temu +1

    Vamos García sigue así hasta el final

  • Alan Costa
    Alan Costa 27 dni temu +11

    All top seeds in QFs wtf is that? Today it's hard to happen in ATP imagine in WTA ahahaha

  • Franck Vincent
    Franck Vincent 25 dni temu

    I love when Caroline swears in French

  • josie B.
    josie B. 27 dni temu +5

    The gorgeous brunette against the gorgeous blonde 😘😍💕

  • Dwimu Sudem
    Dwimu Sudem 27 dni temu

    Caroline using the new vcore colours ❤

  • Keith Lauder Jr
    Keith Lauder Jr 26 dni temu

    What a Dog Fight! Great Match!

    NO ONE CARES 26 dni temu

    Garcia return Unreal!!

  • Konrad's Pages
    Konrad's Pages 26 dni temu +1

    Katerina, next time you'll get her. Stay focused and stay offensive, just like in the second set. You can do it !!!

  • brianno27
    brianno27 26 dni temu

    High quality game

  • Raymond Hall
    Raymond Hall 26 dni temu

    Garcia flies again. Katerina put up a great fight.

  • marek płonka
    marek płonka 27 dni temu


  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 25 dni temu +1

    Good match.

  • Broken Hill Man
    Broken Hill Man 25 dni temu

    Caroline Ball hitting is efficient and with bad intentions.
    Zero pusher mentality.

  • Luis Guillermo Danieli

    Insoportable García, por qué grita tanto?
    Igual, eso no quita que me encante como juega y que la prefiera antes que a otras

  • Francisco De Oliveira
    Francisco De Oliveira 25 dni temu

    Why did she said “come on!”, dites “allez!”.

  • CJ DV
    CJ DV 27 dni temu

    Omg! The umpire‘s speech impediment while pronouncing ”Garcia“ makes this impossible to watch! :-(

  • miche Kentucky
    miche Kentucky 26 dni temu

    Garcia is a very great player. But if she IS beatean by shinova 6/3 and win by 7/5. She IS dont ready for a Big chelem .she IS getting top 5 ,top 10 ,yes Big slam ,no.

  • Ticotech Houston
    Ticotech Houston 26 dni temu

    Caroline !

  • Walter E. Kurtz
    Walter E. Kurtz 26 dni temu

    Am I the only one who hates that new Pro Staff v14 color? It looks like someone threw up or took a dump on the racquet.
    The glossy black paint job Siniakova had before was way nicer.

  • Brooklyn Mona
    Brooklyn Mona 26 dni temu +1

    woman's tennis * eyeroll*

  • redplague
    redplague 27 dni temu +1

    @WTA How disappointing that after adding the round number to titles you now revert back to none. You're really bad at almost everything you know

  • Benoit Cransac
    Benoit Cransac 26 dni temu


  • Kenny Gamalial
    Kenny Gamalial 26 dni temu


  • श्री राम
    श्री राम 27 dni temu +5

    👉🏼Both are is very strong top fight each other 🤔
    Very super match

  • Amtcboy
    Amtcboy 26 dni temu

    can coach now?

  • Peter, put your shirt on

    Bencic will do her in the next round

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer 26 dni temu

      Bencic has been playing well lately but I don’t think she can handle Garcia yet.

    • K C
      K C 26 dni temu

      On or off the court? 😅

  • Vignesh S K
    Vignesh S K 27 dni temu

    This won't happen with iga!!..Be careful

    • Vignesh S K
      Vignesh S K 26 dni temu

      @Weston Meyer That's what iam saying..No plan .simply hitting hard, moving towards the net..

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer 26 dni temu

      She can beat Iga(she was the only one to do it on clay last year), she just needs to stick to the game plan instead of backing off if Iga starts hitting winners like she did in the WTA finals.

  • Gareb Feumba
    Gareb Feumba 27 dni temu +1

    Goodbye Taylor Swift